Sunday, August 27, 2006

Current Neocon views on the situation with Iran

The so-called Neocons (neoconservatives) are a key faction of the so-called Pro-Israel Lobby. A number of them are part of "AEI", the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, sometimes referred to as "Neocon Central" or "The Cabal". Without commenting on the merit or lack of merit of any of their work, at least it is useful to hear what they have to say, straight "from the horse's mouth".

They currently have a web page subtitled "Featured Topic: Iran Rebuffs the UN Security Council" which has the following items:

Featured Topic: Iran Rebuffs the UN Security Council

Iran appears emboldened in the Middle East, supporting the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Even as it calls for further negotiations on its nuclear program, Iran has vowed to continue enriching uranium. With Russia and China backing Iran’s call for further negotiations, will the United States be able to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons?

“Iran's Nuclear Impasse: Next Steps,” by Michael A. Ledeen
Congressional testimony, July 20, 2006
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“Why Did Bush Blink on Iran? (Ask Condi),” by Richard Perle
On the Issues, July 2006
Related book coauthored with David Frum
Related article by Reuel Marc Gercht
Related article by Michael Rubin

“Diplomatic Déjà vu?: Nuclear Deal-Making with Iran”
Panel discussion, June 30, 2006
Speakers included Nicholas Eberstadt, Danielle Pletka, Michael Rubin, and Gary Schmitt

More on the Iranian threat . . .

Take a look at the dozens and dozens of articles list in that last item, "The Iranian Threat" and you can get a sense of how deep and broad the "Stop Iran" lobbying is down there in Washington, D.C.

And now try to imagine that you were in Present Bush's shoes and hearing a constant stream of all of that stuff stuff flowing into your in-box "briefs" and into your ears at every turn.

-- Jack Krupansky


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