Friday, April 18, 2008

Whining elitists need to "move on"

You have to give credit where credit is due. The elitist "Progressives" organized a massive blogging and commenting campaign in a vain effort to cover up for a dismal performance by their candidate in the debate. They "bitterly" complained that there was not enough focus on "policy", but frankly the differences between the two democratic contenders are so minor that debating them once again would seem like an exercise in futility. Granted, supporters of Barack would of course be incensed that their candidate was being tormented for the first half of the debate, but the idea that somehow character-related questions should be off limits is ridiculous on its face. Hillary would be only too happy to debate Mr. Hope-and-Change for endless hours on any and all manner of nuances of policy, but the criticism was not so much a lack of coverage of policy as the shock and awe of The Cult of Obama having to have their noses repeatedly rubbed in the essential truth that their false god is not really up to snuff for winning a mild debate let alone leading this country.

It is time for these whining elitists to "move on". They say they want to debate policy, but the simple truth is that if they focus on policy, Hillary beats them and beats them handily. All Barack has to offer is inspirational speeches about "hope" and "change", but little in the way of policy that can stand up to Hillary.

In the end, the organizers of the "debate outrage storm" were really simply trying to cynically manipulate the press and media coverage. Hey, you can't blame them for trying, especially when their false god is showing signs of being a mere mortal, but they do need to be called out for doing so.

The email from the manager of Barack's campaign today mentions "pressing issues affecting our country", but I find it curious that Barack finds these "pressing issues" so much less interesting than his vague promises of "hope" and "change". The email tells us that "Barack Obama wants to end the politics of division and distraction in Washington so we can bring about real change for ordinary Americans", but that in an incredibly naive goal. First and foremost, the "politics" in Washington does not originate in Washington. Rather, it originates from all around the country and coalesces and mixes in Washington. As the saying goes, ultimately all politics is local. If anything, Washington is a moderation of all of the politics from around the country. These "divisions" that he imagines as originating in Washington are fault lines all over the country. If you want to fix or address these divisions, you will need to address conditions on the ground all around the country. And as far as "distractions", it is simply not credible for a man who gleefully provides an endless stream of distractions to point his finger at others and suggest that it is their distractions that are the problem.

The real bottom line is that Barack is focusing too much of his attention on addressing the "needs" of the elite in America and being completely out of touch with the interests, needs, and values of his so-called "ordinary Americans." What on earth is so ordinary about being an American, anyway?!?!

Barack had an excellent opportunity to put all of these "elitism" and "out of touch" criticisms to bed and move beyond them on Wednesday night, but he screwed up big time. He could have transcended all of it, but he made the mistake of getting defensive and refusing to move on, basically telling us that as emperor he is politically naked.

Put simply, the false god who preaches against distraction himself worhsips distraction.

It will be interesting to see if The Cult of Obama will finally wise up and stash their elitism in the closet or if they continue to carry it front and center as if it were a badge of honor.

-- Jack Krupansky


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