Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What can Barack deliver on health care that Hillary can't deliver even better?

A post on the Obama HQ Blog by Sam Graham-Felsen entitled "Obama Statement on Report of the Trustees of Social Security and Medicare" informs us that "Senator Obama issued the following statement today in response to the Report of the Trustees of Social Security and Medicare":

"Today's report should give Americans confidence that we can keep Social Security strong for future generations if we come together and address its real but manageable long-term cash flow issue.  But the report also shows the cost of Washington's failure to overcome the special interests and pass health care reform that expands coverage and lower costs, which would keep Medicare strong and affordable for America's seniors.  As president, I will reduce costs in the Medicare program by enacting reforms to lower the price of prescription drugs, ending the subsidies for private insurers in the Medicare Advantage program and focusing resources on prevention and effective chronic disease management.  I'll also bring Democrats and Republicans together to provide every single American with affordable, available health care that reduces health care costs by $2,500 per family.  By investing in proven measures to improve the health of all Americans and reduce health care cost across the economy, we can ensure that the Medicare program remains strong for future generations.

That is all well and good and perfectly in line with what we all would consider the Democratic party platform, but the core question is what Barack is claiming to deliver that Hillary would be unable to deliver even better.

The simple truth is that Hillary has done a better job in the U.S. Senate of working with Republicans as well as fellow Democrats, so what does Barack really have to offer here?

Seriously, is there something special that he feels he has to offer on health care and social security that Hillary cannot do much better?

-- Jack Krupansky


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