Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is it ever really too late to vote for change?

I was both amused and offended by the sign in this photo on the Obama HQ Blog:

The sign says "Your chance to vote for change ends March 24th." Sorry, but that is not true. There will never, ever be an end of opportunity to think, believe, act, or vote in favor of change.

My point is that true change is a continuous, neverending process. There is never a "deadline" or "last chance" for "change."

The claim by the Obama campaign that only their candidate represents "change" is a complete and deliberate fraud.

The claim by the Obama campaign that if you don't support their candidate in this election that this is somehow their, Barack's, and your "last chance" is a complete and deliberate fraud. Put simply, there is always a tomorrow and every tomorrow will be a new opportunity for change. Do not trust anybody who tells you otherwise. The "urgency of now" should never supplant a belief in the opportunity of tomorrow.

Besides, if you miss the deadline for registering and even if you do not vote, you can always support change in a myriad of ways, only one of which is voting. In fact, a lot of the changes desired by the Obama cult can in fact best be brought about by grassroots activism of a non-voting and non-violent kind. There are plenty of opportunities for change at the state, regional, county, local, neighborhood, group, organization, and individual level as well. Struggling to grasp for national political power may in fact be the least useful approach to pursuing true change.

Keep in mind that there is a lot more to leadership than a mindless focus on change.

-- Jack Krupansky


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