Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As I wrote yesterday, Barack is simply unable to let the "bitterness flap" slide and move on. Just a few seconds ago I received the daily email from his campaign. It was entitled "Disappointed." Yeah, I am disappointed to, in him. He is supposed to be the candidate with a lock on hope, and here he is whining to me that his opponents in a political campaign are engaging in... politics! How shocking. He is whining about his opponents rather than focusing on what he can do for America. He writes:

In the last 24 hours we saw renewed attacks from Senator McCain and Senator Clinton.

The same John McCain who voted to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest few said I was "out of touch" when I spoke about the frustrations that working people in this country are feeling.

Maybe that's to be expected from John McCain. But I was disappointed to hear the exact same talking points from my Democratic colleague, Hillary Clinton. When a candidate who believes lobbyists represent "real people" says that I'm out of touch, that's when you know politics is being played.

Well, guess what, that is what politics and campaigns are all about. His opponents are trying to draw a distinction and point out a flaw in his whole program.

The way he says that "you know politics is being played", suggests that the guy is truly clueless about the political process and simply ill-equiped to survive let alone thrive in Washington, D.C.

The truth about lobbyists is that they represent a wide range of interests, from big business to small business, from countries to relatively small non-profit organizations here in the U.S., from drug companies to environmental organizations. They are truly all over the map. Some business, some political, and yes, some even represent what you and I would refer to as "real people." But I guess that if they represent guns and religion then Barack would think unkindly of them, despite the true interests of "real people." If Barack Obama really believes that all lobbyists are equal and evil and that none of them represent interests of "real people", then he is the one that is seriously out of touch.

But the real point here is that he is still struggling mightily to divert the discussion away from his capricious (and elitist) attack on people who happen to live in small towns and happen to value gun ownership and happen to go to church. And maybe they happen not to think kindly of community organizers from big cities.

It will be interesting to see how Barack continues to try to twist away from his elitism problem in the coming days leading up to the Pennsylvania primary. The more he himself keeps mentioning being "out of touch", the more people will start to wonder why he is trying so hard to outrun his own reputation. It is also interesting that he is playing the victim rather than showing some leadership.

Maybe one of these days he will wake up and realize that maybe, just maybe, he might need my vote and the votes of other centrists to beat McCain in the Fall. But, until that day, he remains beloldin' to The Progressives (the elite of the elitists) and of little interest or appeal to me.

-- Jack Krupansky


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