Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hillary's plan for Iraq

Although Barack got a lot of media attention last week for his speech on the state of the racial divide in America which was long on passion woefully short on solutions or plans, Hillary's speech on her plan for Iraq got very little media attention. Granted Barack's speech was "stirring" and Hillary's was dry and full of dull and "boring" policy details, but the difference is the choice facing voters. Barack offers soaring rhetoric that may soothe your troubled soul, while Hillary offers the mind-numbing nuts and bolts of real solutions for real problems.

Barack's supporters apparently need the fancy pep talk, while Hillary's supporters simply want to know that their president knows how to actually solve the problems facing America and even has plans ready so that she can hit the ground running.

Leave the soaring rhetoric for Sunday sermons. Most Americans want to ignore what goes on in Washington and what the politicians are talking about and simply go about their own daily lives knowing that their president is busy at work and not focused on flowery rhetoric that is long on "ideas" and short on solutions, plans, and results.

It does not really matter what Barack's position on Iraq was over fives years ago. What does matter is whether he has a credible plan for dealing with Iraq and whether his plan is somehow better than Hillary's. Hillary's speech on Iraq shows that she is ready to get started on cleaning up the mess with a very comprehensive and credibe plan, while Barack chooses to focus on what his position was as a minor politician in the Illinois state senate so many years ago.

-- Jack Krupansky


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