Friday, November 25, 2011

We are the 100%!

As my bank and brokerage account balances will attest, I am not part of the 1%, but I certainly don't feel any affinity for these people who claim to be the 99% ("We are the 99%!") and who stand in opposition to the supposed 1%. Rather, I consider myself to belong to the 100%, which is a group of public-spirited individuals who eschew the kind of class warfare that seeks to divide and isolate the American people into antithetical classes of the 1% and the 99%.
We in the 100% consider that we are all in the same boat, whether rich or poor, employed or unemployed; we are all in this together. The U.S. Declaration of Independence assures every one of us, every member of the 100%, that we all have the same unalienable rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", regardless of our financial condition.
Trying to divide us into separate classes called "The 1%" and "The 99%" is misleading and counterproductive.
It is indeed unfortunate that quite a few normal Americans have been suckered into falsely believing that they are part of some mythical 99% that somehow is less fortunate than the rest of us in the 100%.
We are the 100%!


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