Monday, November 21, 2011

Just missed an Occupy protest at Baruch College

I just barely missed an Occupy protest at Baruch College. I was walking down Lexington Avenue and as I crossed 25th Street I saw a bunch of small clumps of cops and students and police vans around Baruch and down 25th Street towards 3rd Avenue I noticed a much larger group of people out in the street and I heard a lot of loud voices. I was on my way to a New America event so I didn't have time to check out what was going on and simply assumed that it was an Occupy event. I also saw a helicopter hovering a couple of blocks further west on 25th Street. The Occupy Wall Street web site says that this was an Occupy CUNY protest where occupiers were prevented from entering a CUNY public event where tuition hikes were to be discussed.
The protest was covered by the New York Times as well. And NY1 News.
I can understand objections to being excluded from a public meeting, but given the track record of the Occupy movement, let's just say that their reputation has preceded them. I would simply assert that well-behaved citizens of course have a right to attend and speak at public meetings, but only to the extent that they exhibit a sense of decorum, follow the rules, and respect the rights of others to listen to the proceedings of the meeting without disruption.


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