Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More on peaceful behavior

There are plenty of forms of behavior that may be nominally legal or tolerated by society as forms of protest or even tolerated as forms of civil disobedience, but there are definitely limits to what can be considered "peaceful." Peaceful doesn't just mean a lack of hard-core violence where blood is drawn and bones and windows are broken. Peaceful means... peaceful, both the absence of the use of force and restraint from physical resistance and verbal assault.

Here are a few more forms of clearly un-peaceful behavior that I have seen recently in videos or media reports:
  • Blocking traffic.
  • Physically resisting a police officer, by pushing or pulling back.
  • Attempting to push past a police or other security barricade.
  • Yelling at a police officer. This may be protected speech, to some degree, but clearly is not peaceful.
  • Refusing to move when requested by a police officer or security guard.
  • Yelling with a tone of anger. Technically this is protected "speech" to some extent but is definitely not "peaceful."
  • Any destruction of property of others.
  • Rowdiness.
  • Engaging in provocation. Basically incitement.


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