Sunday, November 20, 2011

The puppet masters of Occupy Wall Street finally speak in the mainstream media

The puppet masters of the Occupy Wall Street "leaderless movement" have now spoken publically in the mainstream media. Kalle Lasn and Micah White, editor in chief and senior editor of Adbusters magazine, have penned an opinion piece in The Washington Post entitled "Why Occupy Wall Street will keep up the fight." It provides a little background and a little bit of a roadmap for where the movement may be headed.
If there was any doubt that the Culture Jammers at Adbusters were "behind" the Occupy Wall Street movement, they state it explicitly:
The Occupy Wall Street meme was launched by a poster in the 97th issue of our international ad-free magazine, Adbusters, the hash tag #OCCUPYWALLSTREET and a "tactical briefing" that we sent to our 90,000-strong "culture jammer" global network of activists, artists and rabble-rousers in mid-July. The movement's true origins, however, go back to the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. That was when the world witnessed how intransigent regimes can be toppled by leaderless democratic crowds, brought together by social media, that stand firm and courageously refuse to go home until their demands for change are met. Our shared epiphany was that America, too, needs its Tahrir Square moment and its own kind of regime change. Perhaps not the hard regime change of Tunisia and Egypt, but certainly a soft one.
They say they want a "Tahrir Square moment", but then what? As we are currently seeing on a daily basis with angry protests in Egypt with hundreds being injured and a few dying every day, the magic of any "moment" is quickly lost as reality sinks in. To me, if you want some grand change, you really need a hard-core plan for the long run to actually make the change happen in a sustainable manner, not just some clever scheme to achieve that magic "moment" of "regime change", even if it is a "soft regime change." I mean, I think most people recognize that "toppling" is relatively easy compared to governing. Ask former President Bush about his little adventure into Iraq.
One not so obvious point needs to be raised. The piece says that "Occupy was born because we the people feel that our country and our economy are moving precipitously in the wrong direction", but it has to be noted that the head puppet master, Kalle Lasn, is not an American citizen and does not live in America (he's an Estonian emigree, now a Canadian living in Vancouver, BC), so this immediately puts into question the true meaning of "we", "us", "our", and "our country" and "our economy." Deputy puppet master Micah White is indeed an American citizen, but he is a resident of Berkeley, California, which is about as separated from mainstream America as one can get (other than maybe Washington, D.C.)
The puppet masters promise us that "we will see clearly articulated demands emerging." The piece lists a few of the more predictable ones, consistent with the usual agenda of the liberal progressives.
They say they will be entering a "visceral, canny, militantly nonviolent phase of our march to real democracy." I don't know how they can possible imagine non-violence that is simultaneously "militant" in nature. It sounds like somebody is going to get defrauded if not hurt in such a deal.
And finally they assure us that they "will build momentum for a full-spectrum counterattack when the crocuses bloom next spring." Once again, they are giving lip service to peaceful and truly non-violent protest while using the language of violence to promote such efforts. How could anyone think that "a full-spectrum counterattack" could be anything but violent?
For reference, here is a similar, but milder opinion piece that the same puppet masters penned for The Guardian back on September 19, 2011, entitled "The call to occupy Wall Street resonates around the world."


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