Sunday, June 08, 2008

Where does Barack really stand on anything?

Now that Barack really has finally "closed the deal", the big question in my mind is that we really do need to figure out where he really stands on anything, whether it be health care, the economy, Iraq, Iran, Israel, the progressive movement, centrism, how he intends to govern once elected, or whatever. All of this information is urgently needed so that voters can decide whether he is a true, blue, middle-of-the-road centrist who will govern all Americans fairly or simply a shrill left-winger comparable to many of his "progressive" supporters. Sure, there will be a lot of excitement and "passion" this election season, but most Americans simply want someone who can simply keep the country running smoothly so that they can go about their own lives without worrying about what might or might not be going on in Washington, D.C. Overall, Americans want the country "back on track", which means they want some change, but not necessarily the whole enchilada of the left-wing progressive agenda.

The good news is that Barack and Hillary will no longer have to waste time splitting hairs about relatively minor differences in their positions and proposed policies.

What I want most to hear from Barack now is how he intends to govern, namely how he intends to compromise and work with the rest of America that does not share the progressive agenda.

What I do not find helpful is when the Democrats repeatedly label McCain as wanting simply to "continue Bush's failed policies" and that the main reason to elect a Democrat is simply as an alternative to "Bush's failed policies." That kind of "spin" misrepresents McCain and is a form of negative campaigning when I thought Barack was committed to refraining from negative campaigning.

So, Barack, please proceed to tell us where you stand on all of the important issues, in terms of what we can realistically expect to see happen from 2009 through 2012. I am not so much interested in all of the fine details of policy (well, actually I am, but that's another story), but I am interested in what outcomes you expect to produce, in addition to what an Obama administration will "feel like" for those who do not share the progressive agenda.

-- Jack Krupansky


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