Thursday, May 01, 2008

Barack does not have a problem with phrasing

I'll admit that phrasing is an important aspect of effective communication, but I strongly disagree with Barack that poor phrasing is the root of some of his recent problems. Rather than accept personal responsibility for his beliefs and values, he implicitly blames other people and how they react to his so-called "phrasing." Today we had yet another round on his "bitter" comments. As recounted in a Reuters article by Caren Bohan entitled "Obama fights perception he is elitist":

Obama, talking to NBC's "Today" show, was yet again explaining his month of bad news led by Wright's inflammatory comments and Obama's own remarks at a San Francisco fundraiser that small-town voters are "bitter."

"The comments I made in San Francisco at the end of a very long day were very poorly phrased," Obama said. "I should have said 'angry and frustrated' instead of 'bitter.' I should have said, people 'rely on' their religious faith during these times of trouble, instead of 'cling to.'"

Sorry Barack, but there was nothing wrong with your phrasing at all and your suggested rewording does not change the underlying sentiment and your beliefs one iota. The phrasing was never the issue. Changing "bitter" to "angry and frustrating" and "cling to" to "rely on" does not change the underlying meaning in any significant manner. His beliefs were the issue, and he still has not changed or withdrawn his elitist, condescending beliefs. I guess I can't blame Barack for once again trying to change or "steer" the topic (from his beliefs to his phrasing), but we certainly should ding him for his elitist leanings.

His argument that he couldn't possibly be elitist since he grew up with less privilege than others is complete nonsense. Privilege is about the environment that you came from, while elitism is all about who you are now, regardless of where you came from. Once again, he is struggling to artfully "steer" the conversation away from his shortcomings onto different topic. Elitists love to do that, just to prove to everyone how clever and skilled they are.

-- Jack Krupansky


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