Thursday, April 24, 2008

Plenty of room for skepticism about Syrian nuclear plant

There is plenty of room for healthy skepticism about the administration's "message" about an alleged nuclear plant that Syria was allegedly building. In chief:

  1. This facility was under construction since 2001. This is not a new development and did not necessarily repreent an imminent threat.
  2. It is not clear whether any work on the facility was performed in recent years. I suspect that if there was recent work, that fact would have been very highly touted in the leaked reports.
  3. It is not known when the supposed video was taken. I suspect that if the video was fairly recent (last two years or so), that fact would have been very highly touted in the leaked reports.
  4. The Israelis are our primary source on this "intelligence." They have lead us astray before. Heck, they even spy on us! They are not our friends when it comes to pursuing our security needs and concerns in the Middle East.

Recall that the justification for "liberating" Iraq included a lot of old "intelligence", a lot of which concerned efforts that had ceased a number of years before the allegation that there was a "rising" threat.

In short, even if this is (was) a nuclear facility and even if the North Koreans were assisting them, lack of evidence about how recent those efforts were should leave us all highly skeptical.

One question I have: If the video in fact shows that the facility was very, very similar to a North Korean Facility, what leads anyone to believe that it may not simply be based on a video of a North Korean facility?

-- Jack Krupansky


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