Monday, April 21, 2008

Good luck to everybody tomorrow

Good luck to all of the Democrats tomorrow. It is the chance for the voters of Pennsylvania to finally have a real say in who might be running for president in November. I am not a Democrat, so I have no direct stake in the outcome. If the good (but oh so bitter) voters of Pennsylvania want Barack to be their standardbearer, so be it. If they choose Hillary, so be it. Let the voters prevail regardless of what the pundits and "supporters" of either candidate may feel or what they may say in their ads.

It sounds as if Hillary is expected to win with a modest margin (3 to 7%), but I would not bet very much money on any of these polls. It is very possible that she could lose by 7% or maybe even win by 12%.

Oops!... I am doing too much calculation, which is bound to offend some people.

Imagine... in less than 24 hours the polls will be closed in Pennsylvania and within 27 hours from when I write this we will have "the answer" and be able to shift our focus to Indiana where voters are really up for grabs.

-- Jack Krupansky


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