Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is Occupy Wall Street about to do itself in?

The Occupy Wall Street crowd has been calling for a May 1 "May Day General Strike", hoping it would really kick start (restart) this now-lame and moribund movement, but I haven't heard much chatter about even this latest effort gaining much traction. Now, I read that Occupiers, or parties unknown, are calling for a "Wildcat Strike" and an unpermitted march. This smacks of desperation to me, but it will be a great test of whether support for the Occupy movement is deepening and broadening among the general public, or continuing to fizzle and dissipate.
A "wildcat", unpermitted march will probably "feel good" to the lingering activist core of Occupy, but could also backfire and further alienate them from the general public. Illegal activity can certainly gain attention, but attention does not imply support.
No matter what, this will be a great test of the movement.
Right now, the odds are against them, but ultimately it is up to average Americans to decide whether the Occupy movement has enough appeal and relevance. A gradually recovering economy is probably the movement's worst enemy (besides apathy.)


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