Friday, July 24, 2009

Pres. Obama should sponser a chat with Prof. Gates and "the arresting officer"

Given all of the "uproar" over the arrest of Prof. Henry Gates and Pres. Obama's own foray into the discussion, I think it makes perfect sense for the President to offer to sit down and have a "chat" with just the three of them present. It might not resolve anything or change anything, but it is just the president's kind of opportunity to show him at his "community organizing" best.

Right now, the "discussion" is happening in the national media, which is a truly horrible venue for resolving conflicts.

Pres. Obama could also go to Cambridge and host the "chat" there.

I really do think it would do some good, and give the president a chance to positively demonstrate his conciliatory abilities.

It would also be good because it would push the national media out of the picture. As well as any activists who might be spoiling for a fight.

The issue should not be how Prof. Gates is going to "fight" the Cambridge Police Department, but rather the issue should be how Pres. Obama can use his skills and the presidential office to actually make a dent in racial confict in America.

-- Jack Krupansky


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