Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Health care reform now!

I just wanted to clarify that although plenty of criticism can be heaped on current health care reform efforts, even by me, I am nonetheless 100% supportive of President Obama's effort to pass a comprehensive health care reform package real soon. I am 100% supportive of his discretion as to whether the package gets completed before the August congressional recess, or whenever he agrees to shift it. And, I am 100% supportive of his discretion to negotiate exactly which elements of reform are included in the final package (which can always be revised and extended in future years.)

As far as the timing, personally, I would not lose any sleep if it took another month or two or year or two, but I am 100% supportive of President Obama's "the urgency of now" philosophy. I also believe that health care reform falls under the "If not now then when?" philosophy since continued delay means... endless delay.

Maybe health care reform would be better next year or the year after, but it could also be a lot worse if the resolve to actually do it dissipates and politicians begin feeling that their reelection prospects are safer by continuing to delay.

Personally, I do not think that a delay of a month or two or a year or two will result in a substantially better package than the current options in Congress, so if we are really going to do it, we should just get it done, now.

So, let's have Health Care Reform Now!

And then we can all move on to other things!

-- Jack Krupansky


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