Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did anybody win the second presidential debate?

I watched the second presidential debate online and it seemed to simply continue the status quo of the campaign, with neither guy "closing the deal" but with Barack Obama marginally ahead based mostly on "freshness." I personally do not think that Barack has any truly great plans, but since McCain doesn't either, trying something "new" wins, barely. Still, I did think that McCain put on a credible show and it is still a little baffling that Barack is unable to make even better progress than he has. I think one of Barack's problems is that he is still largely preaching to the Progressive wing of the Democratic party. That does helps to solidify his base and inspire them to get up and volunteer for his all-important get-out-the-vote campaign, but does little to appeal to near-right of center moderates.

In short, the debate merely reflected the current state of the polls, but did not offer anything strikingly new.

-- Jack Krupansky


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