Saturday, July 21, 2007

Democratic "surge" still not showing any significant results

The Democratic "surge" in Congress is certainly generating a lot of noise and attention, but is simply not giving us any significant results. Sure, they are clearly scoring "points" among partisan Democrats, but this is not real progress. At best, the Democrats are laying the groundwork for the political battles of the 2008 elections, but as far as doing something positive for the American people and dealing constructively with the trumped-up so-called "Global War On Terror" and the quagmire in Iraq, the sum total of their progress is virtually nonexistent.

As with President Bush and his "surge" in Iraq, the Democratic "surge" is far more in the way of posturing than progress.

If the Democrats really wanted to demonstrate a commitment to progress they would impeach both President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Granted, conviction after impeachment might not be a "slam dunk", but I can see no robust reasoning for not pursuing impeachment. What is holding them back? The only credible answer I can come up with is that the Democrats would simply prefer for the state of affairs under the Bush administration to further deteriorate over the next 15 months so that they can turn what might be a landslide election anyway into a true "slam dunk." Besides, would a President Pelosi (next in line) seriously be able to orchestrate a withdrawal from Iraq in a way that didn't leave voters with a bad taste in their mouths when they enter the polling booths in 15 months?

I'm certainly not a big fan of Hillary, but I think she can clearly do the job and the 2008 election is hers to lose. Sure, the liberal Far Left may remain enthralled with Obama or even Edwards and a good percentage of Americans dislike her personally for any number of reasons, but whether the election was held today, in six months, or in 15 months, she doesn't appear to have any credible opposition. It is a little too soon to put up the "Mission Accomplished" banner, but she can at least start measuring the drapes.

-- Jack Krupansky


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