Saturday, November 04, 2006

Can the Democrats really do it?

Can the Democrats really do it?

By "do it", I mean can they refrain from doing making a lot of really dumb moves (e.g., trying to be clever and pretend to be comedians as we saw Senator Kerry foolishly attempt to do) between now and Tuesday evening.

I believe it can be done and I believe that it is (barely) likely, but as Senator Kerry showed us so vividly, seriousness, dignity, and discipline are not the strong suits of the Democratic Party.

As far as Kerry's prospects in 2008. If he runs for president (again), it will be the first time in 36 years that I won't be voting for a Democrat for president. He is now officially on my "do not call" list. Sure, he might be able to redeem himself over the next two years, but I honestly think that the guy truly believes that he didn't do anything wrong last week. Blaming the Republicans for your own stupidity is a non-starter in my book.

I have already cast my absentee ballot, voting "the party line" for the Democrats (as usual), but I actually hope that the Democrats fail to get a majority in either or both Houses of Congress. I think they are still too arrogant to govern wisely and can be more effective as minority underdogs. My suspicion remains that my "hope" will be dashed.

My other hope is that the closeness of the election will result in a sense of humility that will tamp down enough of the Democratic arrogance so that they can govern and compromise effectively. Once again, I don't hold out high hopes for my hopes.

-- Jack Krupansky


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