Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Get Out the Vote" sucks

All of these "Get Out the Vote" efforts may work, but I personally want nothing to do with any candidate or party that feels so desperate that they are willing and even eager to resort to these marketing campaigns.

It does appear that the success of the Republicans may actually have hinged on the "Get Out the Vote" campaigns in recent elections.

I can understand the Democrats feeling desperate and willing to try anything to get back in power, but it bothers me greatly.

I would ask all Democrats one simple question: Why are you so unwilling to come up with an agenda and approach and "tone" that appeals to an easy majority of the American people so that you aren't so dependent on a razor thin margin for success?

Alas, the real answer is that they simply do not have any interest or passion for the broader interests of a broader majority. They are only willing to incrementally broaden their agenda only enough to barely squeak by.

Maybe that's the appeal of these "Get Out the Vote" campaigns: get more votes with less compromising on "core" values.

That may work and be a sure-fire recipe for gaining "power", but is a truly lousy scheme for governance, as the current "balance" in Washington, D.C. shows us so clearly.

I am personally seriously considering witholding my vote next week simply because I feel that the Democrats are taking my "support" for granted and as a "mandate" for their overly-narrow agenda.

Personally, I would rather see the current batch of Democrats get either a slimmer margin of control or outright fail to gain control of Congress so that they will be forced to focus on compromise and broadening their agenda to gain support from the Center-Right.

A fraction of an ounce of humility is worth far more than a pound of hubris. At least in my book.

-- Jack Krupansky


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