Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Reform with modified public option starting to look like a "slam dunk"

It looks like the U.S. Senate is finally on the verge of coming up with a winning formula for the "public option" for a health reform bill that can attract enough votes to pass in the Senate. The "opt-out" modification for states to the public option looks as if it should do the trick. Granted, a fair amount of additional tinkering may be required to arrive at the final bill that will finally get enough votes to pass, but that's to be expected. The imprtant thing is that the overall process appears to have finally "turned the corner." My senator, Chuck Schumer, is doing a great job carrying the torch and "lobbying" for a robust and passable health reform bill. Read some of his latest comments in a MarketWatch article by Deborah Levine entitled "Senate Demos have votes for public health plan: Schumer".

One way or another, some sort of health reform bill is a virtual "slam dunk" this fall.

The whole process may seem extremely chaotic (and it is!), but that really is "par for the course" when trying to push dramatic change through Washington, D.C. Sure, a lot of people are "appalled" with the process, but personally I am "okay" with it. Sure, I would prefer a smoother process, but I also recognize that we have a very diverse range of political views in this country. That's why I am a centrist.

-- Jack Krupansky


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