Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Does Barack really want to be a true leader?

All manner of commentators and pundits and experts are falling all over themselves trying to pick a perfect running mate for Barack, but I think that is a supreme waste of time. I do not think that Barack is a young "prince" who needs "elites" to pick for him. If Barack really wants to come out of the starting blocks as a true leader, he needs to smile politely and then categorically reject all VP possibilities that are recommended to him and pick for himself, and leave the "experts" behind is his dust, babbling about how he did the "unexpected."

Hewing to a party line about a "proper" ticket would only be excess baggage holding him back as he struggles to push through his first six months in office. I do not know who would be his ideal running made, but "none of the above" would be the most likely candidate. He really needs to blow people away with his selection and leave everybody shocked and in awe. That is what he needs to do if he wants to be a true leader.

Interesting question: Next to Barack, who is the most interesting, dynamic, and capable politician in the U.S. today? Besides Hillary, that is.

-- Jack Krupansky


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