Thursday, March 06, 2008

Barack's math and Iraq and Iran

I just got my first email from Barack after signing up last night. It is entitled "RE: The math", which is partly about reminding supporters that Hillary only gained a net of 4 delegates Tuesday evening and about how much money he raised in February. I'm sorry, but why should the amount of money he raised matter to anybody but somebody's ego?

The second part of the email is what I call "The Shakedown": give the campaign another $25 today, RIGHT NOW!, or else he will not be able to "vigorously defend my record and make the case for change that will improve the lives of all Americans." Hey, wait a minute... I am not at all interested in improving the lives of Republicans or the Neo-conservatives, and I most certainly am not interested in improving the lives of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, or any trial lawyers (well, okay, maybe an exception for John Edwards.) I might be able to support Barack if he changed his message to say "make the case for improving life in America, so that average Americans no longer have to feel like second or third-class citizens." Yeah, I could get 100% behind a message like that, but that ain't what Barack is offering.

The third part of the email, originally from campaign manager David Plouffe, is yet another rant about Iraq, complete with the strong suggestion that Hillary has been in cahoots with Bush and McCain and that she supports "a march to war with Iran." Incredible. I can't believe that the left-wing progressives still buy this crap and eat it up. And members of the Barack Cult have the gall to suggest that his campaign is more positive. In the old days, people called it "guilt by association" and it was socially unacceptable, but these days it is "business as usual" for the left-wing progressives.

-- Jack Krupansky


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