Sunday, December 02, 2007

Battle for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party

Although it still appears that Hillary is still likely to ultimately capture the nomination from the Democratic party, meanwhile the day by day battles are for the heart and soul of the Democratic party. Hillary represents the centrist camp that thrived with Bill Clinton, while Obama and Edwards represent the "progressive" camp which evolved from the traditional left-wing liberal camp.

The centrists strive for achieving power through compromise, while the progressives worry less about absolutely achieving power and are happier revelling in sticking wth their left-wing "values."

The ultimate question facing Democratic primary voters is whether they value uncompromised values over power or are willing to compromise values to gain power.

The progressives somehow believe that refusing to compromise on their values will somehow gain them votes from voters who have opposing values or they somehow believe that a clear majority actually share their values. Somehow, they feel than pragmatism is not necessary to be chosen for national leadership.

The centrists believe that they must "reach out" and "reach across the aisle" to gain national leadership.

Arguments can be made for either camp, but clearly primary voters will have their say.

Progressives may be passionate about their "cause", but there are plenty of Democratic voters who are more anxious about the fact that we have had seven long years of Republican national leadership and that a return to the "values" of Bill Clinton are a higher priority than pet liberal causes.

-- Jack Krupansky


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