Saturday, March 24, 2007

Silly Democrats

Sure, the Republicans do a lot of stupid things, but that is hardly a good excuse for the Democrats to respond by doing a lot of silly things, like the latest vote for an "early" exit from Iraq. Read the article in The New York Times by Jeff Zeleny entitled "House, 218 to 212, Votes to Set Date for Iraq Pullout" and you can get a good idea of silly, lame, and bungled the latest effort by the Democrats to hog-tie President Bush over Iraq has really been.

Even with a fresh, newly-elected, anti-war majority, House Democrats were still completely unable to come up with a broadly-supported measure. Even with a load of "pork", the legislation barely passed.

In my way of thinking, the only successful legislation is that which has broad, bipartisan support. This it was not.

I am no supporter of President Bush and his wars (in Iraq and the overall so-called "Global War On Terrorism (GWOT)"), but I do have to agree when he referred to the legislation and the surrounding debates as mere "political theater." To most of us, that is a very negative, disparaging characterization, but the sad thing is that to many people in Washington (politicians and staffers), "political theater" is the only thing that matters to them. That and aggregating raw, naked power. Getting applause for a rousing speach is what it's all about to most of these people.

I do happen to agree with the sentiment that we need to have U.S. military forces disengage and exit from Iraq ASAP, but I strongly disagree with the way so many people, politicians, staffers, and supporters alike, are using the issue for their own political benefit rather than to do the right thing for all Americans.

-- Jack Krupansky


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