Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Christian wing of the so-called Pro-Israel Lobby at work

An article in the NY Times by David Kirkpatrick entitled "For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’" illustrates the activities and influence of the right-wing Christian wing of the so-called Pro-Israel Lobby. The Times states quite clearly the nature of the right-wing Christian support for pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy:

Many conservative Christians say they believe that the president’s support for Israel fulfills a biblical injunction to protect the Jewish state, which some of them think will play a pivotal role in the second coming.

The primary focus of the so-called Pro-Israel Lobby at this time, including both its right-wing Jewish and right-wing Christian evangelical wings, is to battle Iran as if it were Nazi Germany led by a new Adolf Hitler intent on a new Holocaust against the Jewish people. This is an exact replay of the characterization of Iraq and Saddam Hussein which led to heavy lobbying by these same people for the "liberation" of Iraq. Same groups, same motives.

The sudden interest in these people and their activies and intentions comes because, as the Times puts it:

Some evangelical leaders say they are wary of reports that a panel including former Secretary of State James A. Baker III might recommend negotiating with Iran about the future of Iraq. “It certainly bothers me,” said Dr. James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and one of the most influential conservative Christians. “That has the same kind of feel to it as the British negotiating with Germany, Italy and Japan in the run up to World War II.”

The article discusses Rev. John Hagee of San Antonio and his newly founded organization, Christians United For Israel. As this Times puts it:

Mr. Hagee is an author of several books about the interpretation of biblical prophecies. He says he believes the Bible assigns Israel a pivotal role as a harbinger of the second coming. Citing passages from Revelation and Ezekiel, he argues that conflict between Israel and Iran may be a sign that that time is approaching.

The Times goes go to say that:

Others say they believe more generally that God maintains his Old Testament covenant with the Jewish people and thus commands Christian believers to help protect their “older brothers.”

“My theology indicates that Israel is covenant land,” Dr. Dobson said in an interview.

Many conservative Christians and their Jewish allies acknowledge a certain tension between the evangelical belief in a Biblical commission to convert non-Christians and their simultaneous desire to help the Jews of Israel.

None of these biblical beliefs is a sound basis for U.S. foreign policy.

-- Jack Krupansky


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