Monday, September 11, 2006

How 9/11 changed us

MSNBC solicited reader comments about how 9/11 changed our lives. I saw the original query, but decided to post my own thoughts on this blog instead. Nonetheless, it is interesting to read how a variety of readers responded to the MSNBC query. Or start here.

Of course the events affected different people in very personal ways. My problem is that I am simply horrified that even the simplest of human feelings were allowed to be transcended and amplified into this massive so-called "War on Terror" which is wholly out of proportion to the events of 9/11. In Iraq alone we have lost almost as many American lives as in the attacks on the World Trader Center, with many, many more horribly mutilated for life, let alone the emotional scarring. And that is not even counting the far higher losses in civilian life in Iraq. And the "battle" isn't even close to being complete. As senseless as acts of terror are, this misguided "war" is equally senseless. If the goal were to reduce human misery and loss of life, the "war" has failed miserably.

-- Jack Krupansky


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